Our relaxing massages with essential oils, relax music and the professionalism of our specialists make this experience an opportunity to connect with the deepest part of our being, relaxing specific body parts (back or legs). For people who work many hours sitting or many hours standing, massage is a healthy experience while productive.

Each massage lasts 30 minutes.

Our specialists are aesthetic professionals, they are not physiotherapists, therefore our massages are relaxing, decontracting or draining, not therapeutic.

Localized massage (30′) – 26,99 €

Relaxing massage of the back or legs. If you work many hours sitting in front of a computer, you need a relaxing back and neck massage.


Draining Massage Tired Legs (30′) – 27,99 €

Localized relaxing massage with a special oil that can be: draining or reducing.

This is a massage especially designed for people who work long hours standing, and suffer from a common ailment in this group: tired legs.


Sports Massage with Rollaction System (30′) – 27,99 €

Rollaction provides the deepest and most effective sports massage that every athlete needs.
All our tissues (muscle, bone, connective, etc.) need a correct blood supply.

The incorrect postures, the sedentarism, the muscular injuries … they contract our musculature, obstructing the routes of oxygen arrival and causing important imbalances of the locomotor system, and even dysfunctions
organic Rollaction works complete muscular zones and, thanks to its movement of rotation and progressive pressure, it re-establishes the circulation and the nervous impulse in the affected areas.