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Our natural cosmetics

All our experience in different fields of education, business management, ecological awareness has led us to offer our customers cosmetic products of proximity, natural, organic and bio.

SABTA artisans

That is why we have contacted, directly, with naturist cosmetics artisans such as SABTA, who sends us their products made to order. These products are 100% natural, made by a cosmetologist and artisan, which recovers the culture of essential oils, artisanal realization and the use of natural ingredients such as rose water, shea butter, aloe vera, and completely natural active ingredients. Its products are highly effective because they contain a large amount of active ingredients. The purpose of this shared project is to generate a responsible, ecological and healthy use of natural cosmetics.

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Specialists in natural mask

Our masks and intensive treatments for feet and hands are from another natural cosmetics, IROHA nature, produced entirely with natural cosmetic products, specialized in sensitive skins, fats or mixed, anti-aging care or Anti-stains.


Care for your nails

For the care of the nails we use one of the most prestigious brands in Barcelona. The Thuya Professional Line, which has its own laboratory in Barcelona, guarantees the quality of its products and allows investing in research, development and innovation. Its products comply with the high quality controls and always comply with European standards in cosmetics (Genetest).

We also use other brands such as RISQUE, the most prestigious and sold enamel brand in Brazil. It is a type of creamy and durable enamel with a very extensive range of colors (more than 100).

Some of our permanent enamels are also from ORLY, the California brand used by Hollywood stars.










Eye Care

We also use the Thuya Eye Care line for care, extension, delineating of eyelashes and eyebrows.