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Politician of privacy

Your privacy is important for us. At this declaration of privacy explains which personal data recopilem of our users and how utilise the ones. We warm you at reading thoroughly these terms before facilitating your personal data at this web. The elders of thirteen years will be able to register at as a users without his parents’s consent or headmasters.

At the case of the minors of thirteen years requires the parents’s consent or headmasters for the treatment of his personal data.

At any case will collect of the under age relative data at the professional situation, economic or at the intimacy of the other members of the family, without the consent of these.

If you are minor of thirteen years and have accessed at this website without notice at your parents do not have to register you as a user.

At this web respect and take care the personal data of the users. As a user have to know that your royalties are guaranteed.

We have encouraged us at creating a sure room and of confidence and therefore we want to share our principles with regard to your privacy:

  • Mai solicit personal information trait that really was necessary to loan you the services that require us.
  • Mai share personal information of our users with nobody, except to conform with the law or at case that have your authorization expresses.
  • Mai will utilise your personal data with a different purpose at the expressed at this politics of privacy.

It is necessary to caution that this Politics of Privacy could vary at function of legislative requirements or of autoregulació, thus it advises at the users that visit it periodically. It Will be applicable at case that the users decide to fill some form of any one of his forms of contact where collect data of personal character.

Depilaxion Has adapted this web at the requirements of the organic Law 15/1999, of 13 of December, of Protection of Data of Personal Character (LOPD), and at the Real decree 1720/2007, of 21 of December, acquaintance like the Regulation of development of the LOPD. It conforms also with the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of April 27, 2016 relative at the protection of the physical persons (RGPD), as well as with the Law 34/2002, of 11 of July, of Services of the Society of the Information and Electronic Trade (LSSICE or LSSI).

Responsible of the treatment of your personal data

  • Identity of the Manager: URBIATAC, SL
  • Commercial name: Depilaxion
  • NIF/CIF: B66511916
  • Address: C/ FLUVIÀ 94-96 – Esc. At – 8è 2at (OFFICE) Barcelona
  • E-mail:
  • Activity: Saló of beauty without medical treatments

At the effect of what foresees at the General Regulation of Protection of Data before cited, the personal data that route us through the forms of the web, will get the treatment of data of “Users of the web and subscribers”.

For the treatment of data of our users, implement all the technical and organisational measures of security established at the valid legislation.

Principles that will apply at your personal information

At the treatment of your personal data, will apply the following principles that adjust at the requirements of the new European regulation of protection of data:

  • Principle of legality, loyalty and transparency: Always we will require your consent for the treatment of your personal data for one or several specific purposes that will inform you previously with absolute transparency
  • Principle of minimisation of data: Only we will solicit data rigidly necessary at relation with the purposes for the quals require the ones. The possible minima.
  • Principle of limitation of the term of conservation: the data will be maintained during no more time of the necessary for the purposes of the treatment, at function at the purpose, will inform you of the term of corresponding conservation, at the case of subscriptions, periodically will revise our lists and will delete those dormant registries during a considerable time.
  • Principle of integrity and confidentiality: Your data will be treated in such a way that it guarantee a suitable security of the personal data and guarantee confidentiality. You have to know that we take all the necessary precautions to eschew the unauthorized access or undue use of the data of our users for part of third.

How we have obtained your data?

The personal data that treat at Depilaxion proceed of:

  • Form of contact
  • Form of subscription
  • Comments at blog
  • Form of registry

Which are your royalties when facilitate us your data?

Any person has right at obtaining confirmation on if at Depilaxion are treating personal data that concerns me, or no.

The persons interested have right at:

  • Solicit the access at the relative personal data at the interested
  • Solicit his rectification or suppression
  • Solicit the limitation of his treatment
  • Oposar- At the treatment
  • Solicit the portability of the data

The interested will be able to access at his personal data, as well as at soliciting the rectification of the inaccurate data or, if escau, solicit his suppression when, among other motives, the data no longer are necessary for the purposes that go being collected. At determinate circumstances, the interested will be able to solicit the limitation of the treatment of his data, at this case only will conserve the ones for the exercise or the defence of reclamations.

At determinate circumstances and for motives related with his particular situation, the interested will be able to oposar- at the treatment of his data.URBIATAC, SL will cease to treat the data, except for legitimate motives imperiosos, or the exercise or the defence of possible reclamations. How interested, have right at getting the personal data that you incumbeixin, that have facilitated us and at a format structured, of common use and mechanical reading, and at transmitting them at another manager of the treatment when:

  • The treatment was based at the consent
  • The data have been facilitated by the person interested.
  • The treatment effect for modes automated.

At exerting your right at the portability of the data, will right at the fact that the personal data transmit directly of manager at manager when was technically possible.

The interested also will right at the effective judicial aegis and at presenting a reclamation in front of the authority of control, at this case, the Spanish Agency of Protection of Data, if they consider that the treatment of personal data that concern it infringeix the Regulation.

With which purpose treat your personal data?

Quan an user connects with this web for example to comment a put, command a post at the titular, subscribe or realise some contracting, is facilitating information of personal character of which is responsible Depilaxion. This information can include data of personal character and can being your address IP, name, physical address, address of e-mail, number of telephone, and another information At facilitating this information, the user gives his consent so that his information was recopilada, utilised, managed and stored by, only how it describes at the Legal Notice and at the Political present of Privacy.

At Depilaxion exist different systems of capture of personal information and tract the information that facilitate us the persons interested with the following end for each system of capture (forms):

  • Form of contact: we Solicit the following personal data: Name, Email, Telephone, to respond at the requests of the users of For example, we can utilise these data to respond at your application and give response at the doubts, complaints, comments or interests that can have relative at the information included at the web, the services that loan through the web, the treatment of his personal data, questions referents at the legal texts included at the web, as well as any one other queries that can have and that they are not subject at the conditions of contracting. I inform you that the data that facilitate us will be situated at the servers of:
    • Mairelay (Supplier of URBIATAC, SL), is situated in the EU.

I inform you that the data that facilitate us will be situated at the servers of:

    • Hosting (Supplier of URBIATAC, SL), is situated in the EU
  • Form of subscription at contents: At this case, solicit the following personal data: Email, to manage the list of subscriptions, route bulletins, promotions and special offers, eases for the user at realising the subscription. In the web exist several forms to actuate the subscription. I inform you that the data that facilitate us will be situated at the servers of:
    • Mairelay (Supplier of URBIATAC, SL), is situated in the EU.

I inform you that the data that facilitate us will be situated at the servers of:

    • Hosting (Supplier of URBIATAC, SL), is situated in the EU.
  • Form of tall for comments of the blog: To comment the publications of the blog it requires that the user give of tall through this form. At this case, solicit the following personal data: Name, Email. A time given of tall, the user will be able to realise so many comments how desire and give response on the anterior. I inform you that the data that facilitate us will be situated at the servers of:
    • Hosting (Supplier of URBIATAC, SL), is situated in the EU.
  • Form of Registry: At this case, solicit the following personal data: Name, Email, Telephone, Address, Went, so that you can create you an account at our system and have access at his functionalities. I inform you that the data that facilitate us will be situated at the servers of:
    • Hosting (Supplier of URBIATAC, SL), is situated in the EU.

They exist other purposes for which treat your personal data:

  • To guarantee the fulfillment of the conditions of use and the applicable law. This can include the development of tools and algorithms that aid this web at guaranteing/guaranteeing the confidentiality of the personal data that collects.
  • To lean and improve the services that offers this web.
  • Also they collect other data no identificatives that obtain by means of some cookies that discharge at the computer of the user when sails at this web that detail at the politics of cookies.
  • To manage the social meshes. Depilaxion Can have presence at social meshes. The treatment of the data that carry out of the persons that do fans at the social meshes of the official pages of, it will govern for this section. As well as for those conditions of use, politicians of privacy and rules of access that belong at the social mesh that proceed at each case and accepted previously for the user of URBIATAC, SL. It Will treat his data with the purposes to administer properly his presence at the social mesh, informing of activities, products or services of Depilaxion. As well as for any one other purpose that the rules of the social meshes permit. At any case will utilise the profiles of followers at social meshes to route advertising of individual way.

Of accord at what establishes at the general regulation of protection of European data (RGPD) 2016/679, URBIATAC, SL (Depilaxion) with domicile enC/ FLUVIÀ 94-96 – Esc. At – 8è 2at Barcelona, will be responsible of the treatment of the corresponding data at Users of the web and subscribers.

Depilaxion, does not sell, rents or cedes data of personal character that can identify at the user, or will do it in the future, at third without the previous consent. Nevertheless, at some cases can realise collaborations with other professionals, at these cases, will require consent at the users informing on the identity of the contributor and the purpose of the collaboration. Always it will realise with the most exacting standards of security


The function of remarketing permits us reach the persons that have visited anteriorly and associate a determinate audience at a concrete message. The remarketing is a method to achieve that the users that have visited our place return at doing it.

As a user of I inform you that I am recopilant information for this function of remarketing at

The information that recopilem thanks to this function is collection for the cookies of Facebook, Google Adword. You can meet the data that recopilen these cookies at the following politics of privacy of each service:

If you do not want to that your information was recopilada for these cookies, can inhabilitar the use of cookies of Google through the Configuration of adverts of Google. Also you can inhabilitar the use of cookies of a third supplier through the page of inhabilitació of Network Advertising Initiative.

This type of services permits to interact with social meshes or other external platforms directly since the pages of this web. The interactions and the information obtained by this web always will be subjected at the configuration of privacy of the user at each social mesh. At case that install a service that permit to interact with social meshes, is possible that, although the users do not utilise the service, this collect data of trance relative web at the pages at which are installed.

Facebook ads

At we utilise Facebook ads, the platform of advertising of Facebook, that permits us create campaigns and adverts. At generating an advert, can segment the public for:

  • Place
  • Demographic data (age, sex, etc.)
  • Interests (activities, fans, etc.)
  • What buy at internet and for other canals
  • Etc.

The data obtained through Facebook ads are subject at this politics of privacy since the moment at what the user lets his data at the form of this web to join at the bulletin of subscriptions. At any case will utilise the pertinent information of Facebook with a different purpose.

Google Adwords

Adwords is a platform of Google destined at the ANUNCIANTS that want to publicise at GOOGLE. At we utilise Google Adwords, the platform of advertising of Google, that permits us create campaigns and adverts to show them at other pages webs. At generating an advert, can segment the public for:

  • Place
  • Demographic data (age, sex, etc.)
  • Interests (activities, fans, etc.)
  • What buy at internet and for other canals
  • Etc.

The data obtained through Google Adwords are subject at this politics of privacy since the moment at what the user lets his data at the form of this web to join at the bulletin of subscriptions. At any case will utilise the pertinent information of Google with a different purpose.

Legitimació For the treatment of your data

The legal base for the treatment of his data is: the consent.

To contact or realise comments at this web requires the consent with this politics of privacy.

The offer prospectiva or commercial of products and services is based at the consent that solicits him, without that at any case the withdrawal of this consent condition the execution of the agreement of subscription.

Category of data

The categories of data that treat are data identificatives.

They do not treat categories of data especially protected

For how long we will conserve your data?

The proportionate personal data will conserve :

  • Until it do not solicit his suppression for the interested.

At which addressees will communicate your data?

A lot of tools that utilise to manage your data are hired out by third.

To loan services rigidly necessary for the development of the activity,, it shares data with the following lenders under his corresponding conditions of privacy:

Google Analytics: an analytic service of web loaned by Google, Inc., a company of Delaware the principal office of which is at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View (California), CA 94043, the United States (“Google”). Google Analytics utilises “cookies”, that are archives of text situated at your computer, to aid at at analysing the use that do the users of the website. The information that generates the cookie on his use of (including your address IP) will be directly transmitted and archived by Google at the servers of the United States.

Hosting: Banahosting.How, with domicile in EU. More information at: Banahosting.How (Banahosting.How). Banahosting.How it treats the data with the purpose to realise his services of hosting at URBIATAC, SL.

Platform web: Automattic Inc., with domicile in the USA. More information at: https://.wordpress.How/ (Automattic Inc.). Automattic Inc. treats the data with the purpose to realise his services of platform web at URBIATAC, SL.

Email marketing: CPC Computer Services Applied at New Techs, S.L., with domicile in Spain. More information at: https://mailrelay.How/ (CPC Computer Services Applied at New Techs, S.L.). CPC Computer services Applied at New Techs, S.L. It treats the data with the purpose to realise his services of email marketing at URBIATAC, SL.


At sailing for can collect data no identifiable, that can include, addresses IP, geographic location (roughly), a registry of how utilise the services and places, and other data that can not being utilised to identify at the user. Among the data no identificatives are also the related at your habits of navigation through services of third. This web utilises the following services of analyses of third:

  • Google analytics
  • Alexa
  • Semrush
  • Pixel of Facebook

We utilise this information to analyse trends, administer the place, track the movements of the users around the place and for recopilar demographic information on our base of users at his ensemble.

Secret and security of the data it engages at the use and treatment of the data included personal of the users, respecting his confidentiality and at utilising them of accord with the purpose of this, as well as at giving fulfillment at his obligation to save them and adapt all the measures to eschew the alteration, loss, treatment or unauthorized access, in compliance with what establishes at the valid rule of protection of data.

This web includes a certificate SSL. It treats of a protocol of security that does that your data travel of upright and sure way, that is to say, the transmission of the data among a server and user web, and at feedback, is totally enciphered or encrypted.

Https:// it can not guarantee the absolute inexpugnabilidad of the mesh Internet and therefore the violation of the data by means of fraudulent accesses at them for part of third.

With regard to the confidentiality of the processing, URBIATAC, SL will assure that any person that was authorised by Depilaxion to process the data of the customer (included his personnel, contributors and lenders), will be under the appropriate obligation of confidentiality (already was a contractual or legal duty).

Quan present some incident of security, at adonar- Depilaxion, will have to notify at the Customer without undue delays and will have to provide timely information related with the Incident of Security as it meet or when the Customer solicit it reasonably.

Accuracy and veracity of the data

As a user, are the only manager of the veracity and correction of the data that remit at https://www.depilaxionHow exonerating at URBIATAC, SL (Depilaxion), of any responsibility on this motif.

The users guarantee and respond, in any case, of the accuracy, force and authenticity of the personal data facilitated, and engage at maintaining them duly updated. The user accepts to provide complete and correct information at the form of contact or subscription.

Acceptance and consent

The user declares to have been informed of the conditions on protection of data of personal character, accepting and consenting the treatment of the same for part of URBIATAC, SL (Depilaxion) at the form and for the purposes signified at this politics of privacy.


The consent loaned, so much for the treatment and for the cession of the data of the interested, is revocable anytime communicating it at URBIATAC, SL (Depilaxion) at the terms established at this Politics for the exercise of the right ARC. This revocation at any case will retroactive character.

Changes at the politics of privacy

URBIATAC, SL reserves the right at modifying the political present to adapt it at legislative or jurisprudential novelties, as well as at practices of the industry. At these suppositions, URBIATAC, SL will announce at this page the changes introduced with reasonable antelació at his posed at practice.

Commercial posts

Of accord with the LSSICE, it does not realise practices of SPAM, thus it does not route commercial posts for via electronics that have not been previously solicited or authorised by the user. As a consequence, at cadascun of the forms had at the web, the user has the possibility to give his consent exprés to get the bulletin, with independence of the commercial information punctually solicited.

Conformal at the that has at the Law 34/2002 of Services of the Society of the Information and of electronic trade, it engages at not routing communications of commercial character without identifying them duly.

Document revised the 24-07-2018