For waxing we use special tempered wax for very sensitive skin and poor circulation. It is a regenerating, nourishing, soothing wax D’Orleac, a catalan brand. For large areas such as legs and arms we use roll on and remove with band. For delicate and small areas we use tempered boat wax, we spread it delicately with spatula and quickly remove with band. We finish with a light emulsion based on aloe vera and rosehip (100% natural, refreshing and regenerating).

Thread hair removal, an ancient millenary oriental root hair extraction technique using 100% cotton thread, we use as an alternative to wax or forceps for facial hair removal. It is a technique that leaves less irritation and prevents pimples from coming out. You can choose it in any facial hair removal.

Diode Laser hair removal is the only definitive hair removal known. Unlike the technique of IPL (commonly called Photoepilation) Diode Laser Hair Removal does not affect the epidermis, so it can be used on any skin type and at any time of the year, even in summer. Also, how the laser works by absorbing melanin to affect the hair follicle by heat (thermolysis), there is no risk of burns or skin spots. In addition to being more effective than photoepilation, it is practically painless because of our high-power cooling system.