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Body Treatments

The physicist is considered a letter of introduction, but it is not the appearance that is the only important thing, but also how this affects the self-esteem of the people. Being able to solve those details that undermine the morale of women and men is one of the great advances of the aesthetic sector. In our center you can find the one that suits you best.

These reasons help to understand the rise of aesthetic treatments in Spain. More and more people become aware of the care of the body. They play sports and acquire healthy eating habits. But this is not enough, there are small aesthetic “problems” that can never be solved by themselves, whether acne marks, excess hair or some type “imperfection”. Faced with these situations, what should be considered is what type of service is required and which is the most appropriate.


Rollaction System – from 27.99 €

Rollaction is a new and exclusive physio-active body massage system. With a technology inspired by the professional movements of the masseur’s hands.

Rollaction works by means of a regular and controlled compression on the tissues, from the skin to the deep muscles. It acts at the vascular, muscular and dermal levels.

Two levels of penetration with maximum efficiency.



REDUCER – € 38.90

REMODELING – € 38.90




Proven effectiveness, sight results from the first session. Free diagnosis and 10 free trial minutes.

Voucher for a Set of 10 Sessions for only € 249.50 (to be consumed in 45 days). We recommended to make minimum of two weekly sessions, this will guarantee visible results in three weeks.


Body Scrub – € 27.99

Exfoliating treatment with a cream based on wild cherries, full body that helps to clean impurities, finished with a massage with moisturizer.


Manual Anticellulite Treatment – € 32.95

Specific anticellulite massage including legs and abdomen, improving circulation and orange peel. This massage is done with anticellulite creams and oils.


Manual Reduction Treatment – € 29.95

Specific anticellulite massage in a critical area, made with anticellulite creams and oils and reducers.


Coffee Reduce Treatment – € 37.99

Specific reduction massage in critical areas with coffee-based reducing cream, achieving a reducing effect thanks to the active principles of caffeine .

It consists of a peel to prepare the skin, thus improving reception of reducing active ingredients. Finally, an anti-cellulite massage of the legs and abdomen is carried out with its subsequent wrapping.