Our skin is the most extensive organ of our body, it is the first barrier of protection. Our face is permanently exposed to the inclemency, pollution, the sun, the cold, that’s why we have to take care of it.

The objective of facial treatments, in most cases, are the following:

  • Delay aging and the appearance of wrinkles.
  • Remove impurities and dead cells.
  • Help remove blackheads and regulate acne.
  • Stimulate the absorption of cosmetic products.
  • Make the skin look smoother and smoother.


Deep Facial Hygiene with High Frequency

The HIGH FREQUENCY uses the thermal effect, accelerating the blood supply favoring the absorption of nutrients, it is also bactericidal. Close the pores after the extraction of the comedo.

The deep facial hygiene is used to remove impurities from the face thoroughly, using, in this order: cleansing milk, salvia and witch hazel tonic, exfoliating cream, ozone vapor, manual extraction of the black point, cleaning, disinfection and closing of pores with current high frequency, express massage with cream indicated for each type of skin, face mask and specific cream.

Facial Hygiene Express

To remove impurities from the face, when we have already done deep cleanings and we need a maintenance between two deep hygienics. Express facial hygiene is performed using, in that order: cleansing milk to remove make-up, salvia and witch hazel tonic, exfoliating cream to remove dead skin, express massage with cream indicated for each type of skin, hydrating facial mask and specific cream for each type of skin.

KOBIDO Firming Facial Treatment

Facial treatment consisting of a KOBIDO massage (the so-called Japanese natural lifting) is an antiaging facial treatment of the best and very natural treatment of this moment.

  1. KOBIDO FACIAL MASSAGE on face and neck.

The order of the steps will depend on the treatment required by each client.

Individual session: € 31.99
Voucher of 5 sessions (+1 gift): € 160

Treatments with GALVANIC CURRENT

The GALVANIC CURRENT makes an exchange of poles (-) and (+) between the product and the skin helping to better penetrate the desired product. Increase the oxygen and nutrients of the skin. It protects firmness by significantly reinforcing collagen and elastin, thus improving the appearance of the skin and reducing wrinkles. It also helps the balance of sebaceous secretion and therefore serves for anti-acne treatment. They also have a strong illuminating effect.

ANTIACNÉ Treatment with Galvanic Current
ANTIAGE Treatment with Galvanic Current
ILLUMINATOR Treatment with Galvanic Current
Make-up removal of the face, eyes and lips
Application of the appropriate tonic
Enzymatic exfoliating application
Application of the conductive gel with specific serum. The serúm will depend on the treatment to be performed (Antiage, Antiacné or Illuminator)
Placing the product in the middle of the face from bottom to top.
Treatment with the galvanic roller on the skin on the gel and serum, increasing the intensity of the galvanic current. We work with the roller from the bottom up, working, including neck and neckline.
Mask suitable for the skin.
We finish with cream and massage.

Activated Carbon Face Mask

100% natural activated carbon mask, special for removing black spots in T zone.

If we have many black spots or very oily skin, it is advisable to perform a deep facial hygiene with high frequency and then a weekly maintenance with the carbon mask.


Estos son los servicios que ofrecemos y sus precios

Express facial hygiene € 22.99 30
Deep facial hygiene (with High frequency) € 35.99 40
Japanese lifting KODIBO massage € 33.99 40
Anti-aging virtual facial mesotherapy (with Galvanic Current) € 29.99 40
Antiacné virtual facial mesotherapy (with Galvanic Current) € 29.99 40
Oxygenating virtual facial mesotherapy (with Galvanic Current) € 29.99 40

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