The manicure helps your nails to be healthier and more beautiful.

In the normal Manicure, we filed the nail with the desired shape and pushed the skins with a natural product. If it is necessary to cut cuticles we do it but without touching the natural protection of the nail. We finish with a moisturizer and nail polish to choose.

If you do not have time, and your hands are fine, you only need Express Manicure, in which we cut, file and glaze, without working skins or cuticles. It is a process for those who usually perform manicures, and need their nails always be presentable. This process does not take more than 15 minutes.

In addition to these two basic services we offer the two types of special manicures in our center.

The SPA Manicure is a service where the beautician devotes more in depth to the care of your hands. We begin with a pleasant exfoliation of your hands and forearms, up to the elbow, with a natural exfoliant based on Cherry and nut skin powder. It is a natural exfoliant, non-abrasive, special to remove dead skin cells and eliminate roughness. The cherry extract provides vitamins A, C and B, minerals and flavonoids. These active ingredients have interesting remineralizing, antioxidant and anti-aging properties.

Then we gently remove the exfoliant, and perform a massage with 100% natural moisturizer and cream based on sea buckthorn and grapes. We wrap the hands and the forearm with osmotic film so that the hydration penetrates in depth. We perform the manicure and glaze with the desired color. Then we remove the osmotic film and perform a gentle massage to remove excess moisturizer.

The SPA Manicure is a treatment to hydrate with intensity, since we remove the dead cells of the hands, the forearm and the elbow, and apply a massage with a specific cream. It is also ideal to pamper us and relax.


Estos son los servicios que ofrecemos y sus precios

Full manicure (with normal enamel) € 15.99 30
Express manicure (cut, file and enamel) € 9.99 15
Spa Manicure (Exfoliation and hydration to the elbow) € 21.99 35
Extra French Nails € 3.50 10
Permanent nail polish € 20.99 30
Remove permanent nail polish + permanent nail polish € 25.99 50
Remove permanent nail polish € 5.00 15
Hand paraffin € 18.99 20
Manicure + paraffin € 29.99 40

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