It is said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul, although in reality it is the look that expresses our feelings, and in that expression the eyelashes and eyebrows play a special role. We all know that lashes are important, too, because they play a protective role for the eyes, the sun’s rays and the environmental dust, that’s why they have to take care of themselves. Therefore keep them healthy and strong is to take care of our sight.

There are creams and products to make up, extend and beautify them but being a very sensitive area must use quality products and anti-allergies, which do not harm our eyesight.

If you want to get an expressive look at the same time as greater protection, the permanent eyelash or eyelash lift is an excellent option to provide greater curl or length, respectively.

The eyelash tint will give intensity, vitality, and strength to your eyes thanks to the intense color and the sensation of greater volume.

Eyebrow design with thread, or with tweezers, eyebrow tinting or eyebrow tinting with henna (natural microblanding, as they say) are one of the most important parts of the design of your look, that is, of the expression your feelings.


Eyelash Lifting

Treatment for your own eyelashes, without additional applications, which instead of curling them (as does the permanent eyelash) what it does is to stretch them naturally creating an effect of greater length and thickness. No need to put eyelash extensions.

Eyelash tint

Give color to the eyelashes with different shades. The aim of this treatment is to give an intense and lasting color for a perfect look. With Keratin.

Eyelash Permanent

Shape the eyelash, giving curvature and expressivity to your eyes. This curly lasts three to five months.

Eyebrow tint

Defined color for your eyebrows and therefore, for your look.

Henna eyebrow tint

Henna for the eyebrows is a coloration based on natural products that dye the hair and skin. An ancient technique that has been used since the Bronze Age to dye hair and skin using henna to dye skin, hair, nails, animal hides, silk and wool.

Henna eyebrow tint and eyebrow Design 

Complete eyebrow tinting and design using both ancient techniques (henna and threading) or with wax / tweezers in the traditional way.

Eyebrow smoothing

The technique of eyebrow smoothing dominates the design of the same. It allows to delineate a perfect look.


These are the services we offer and their prices

Eyelash Lifting (natural lengthening of own tab) € 31.99 50
Eyelash tint € 11.99 15
Permanent tabs € 31.99 45
Eyebrow Henna tint € 25.99 25
Eyebrow Henna tint and threading or tweezers design € 35.99 35
Eyebrow dye € 8.99 10
Eyebrow smoothing € 18.99 40

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