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Waxing men

Our depilations are made with special hardened wax for very sensitive skins and people with poor circulation.

Our post-depilatory cream of Aloe vera has a moisturizing and soothing effect.

In addition, our method of depilation, respecting a specific order of application and removed, by parts and in parallel to the hair ensures a more lasting, less painful and effective epilation.

Male hair removal

We use D’Orleac waxes, of low melting, for all types of skins, with different properties, although all antiallergic and for sensitive skins.

Green: With mint extract, which is antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, disinfecting the pores, suitable for all skin types.


Full Leg €15.99
Legs ½ €8.99
Thighs €9.99
Groin €5.99
Slip/Briefsline Line €3.99
Abdomen €8.20
Chest €8.99
Buttocks €9.50
Lumbar Zone €4.55
Perianal Area €6.99
Armpits €4.99
Full Arms €13.90
Arms ½ €9.90
Eyebrows €6.99
Frown €2.99
Upper Lip €3.90
Front €3.90
Cheeks-neck – neck-chin – chin €3.90
Ears €4.50
Full Back €13.99
1/2 Back €9.99
Sideburns €3.99