Ancient technique native to India and ancient Persia.

It is a completely natural procedure in which the beautician using a loop of thread (cotton or silk) extracts the unwanted beauty from the roots.

It is compatible with other treatments since it does not remove any layer of the epidermis. Recommended for people with allergies and delicate skin.


These are the services we offer and their prices

Eyebrows threading 15 14,99 €
Upper lip threading 10 7,99 €
Upper lip & eyebrows 20 22,99 €
Incense with thread 7 3,99 €
Chin 7 6,99 €
Temple pins 7 6,99 €
Cheeks with thread 7 6,99 €
Neck threading 10 7,99 €
All face threading (without eyebrows) 25 29,99 €

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