Normal Pedicure helps your nails and heels to be healthier and more beautiful.

We use a professional lathe to file cuticles, nails and heels.

We finish with a moisturizer and nail polish to choose.

We also have a special service of SPA Pedicure, where after performing the normal pedicure, we make a deep exfoliation of the foot, heels and ankles, with a natural exfoliant. Then we remove the exfoliant and the dead cells and proceed to massage gently with a moisturizer. Finally we carry out the enameling with the chosen nail polish.


These are the services we offer and their prices

Full pedicure (with normal enamel) € 23.99 30
Express pedicure (cut, file and enamel) € 12.99 18
Extra polish and moisturize heels € 7.99 10
Extra remove skins and cuticles € 7.99 10
SPA pedicure (Exfoliation and hydration to the twin) € 27.99 35
Semi-permanent nail polish (Thuya, Orly, Cuccio) € 20.99 30
Remove semi-permanent + semi-permanent nail polish € 25.99 50
Remove permanent nail polish € 5.00 15
Extra French glaze € 3.50 15
Foot paraffin € 18.99 20
Pedicure + paraffin € 29.99 40

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